Container Securing System

Container fittins such as Container Sockets, Semi-Auto Twistlock and several Stackers, Lashing Bar, Turnbuckle and etc.

We are handling Peck & Hale products and others.

Product information

Twistlocks and StackersOSHA Compliant
Semi-Auto Twistlock
Midlock Stackers
Safety Stackers
Breech Base Twistlock
Double Cone and Fixed Base Twistlock
Single and Double Stackers
Rods and TurnbucklesMulti-Lashing
Swivel Head Rods
Vertical Rods
Extension Rods
Open/Closed Body Turnbuckles
SocketsContainer Sockets
ISO Raised/Flush
Breech Base Raised/Flush
Lashing Sockets
Clover Leaf Raised/Flush
Helo Crossbar Type
Lashing Tracks