flexiGrip 150S

Universeal has developed a new range of High Security Cable Seals, the new flexiGrip™ Series.
Flexible, tamperproof, user friendly, they feature many cable length and diameters to address any kind of application. From postal bags to containers, whatever your needs are, we have a flexiGrip™ model that will meet your requirements.

Product information

ISO 17712Level S : Security Seal
(Non-suitable for C-TPAT)
Material 1(Base)Plastic(ABS)
Material 2(Cable)Non Preformed Galvanized cable
Marking(Laser Marking)Logo, ID, Numbers, Barcode
Packing500 pieces per carton
carton size : 310mm x 280mm x 160mm (L x W x H)
Weightabout 8.5kg per carton
Pulling Load Resistance140kg
Cable LengthDiameter 1.5mm, Length 250mm(standard)