Cargo Securing Business

We offer various products of Cargo Securing Systems & Solutions serving for the industries such as Maritime, Defense, Rail/Truck and Air Cargo, and Security Seals with a complete range of tamper-evident security seals for industries.

Machinery and Equipment for Construction Business

Our specialty is the machinery and equipment for precast concrete industry. We have introduced the first Kaiser Truss Girder Production Equipment in the year of 1980 to produce Kaiser Half Slab Floor System from Filzmoser Machinenbau in Austria through Kaiser Omnia GmbH, in Germany.

Building Materials for Construction and Civil Engineering

We supply various kinds of concrete additives and mixtures for civil engineering applications including cement, sand, bentonite, lime, fixing agents, etc.

Special Foaming Agent Business

The history of our foaming business goes back almost half a century when we started to introduce, this very unique foaming agent, Mearlcrete P Liquid, produced by The Chemical Division of The Mearl Corp., NY, USA, which we still market even at this time.

Medical Business

Our medical Department has been specialized in the field of respiratory related products mainly produced by Vitalograph Ltd, who is a world leading provider of outstanding quality respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trials and medican equipment servicing.

Pearl Pigment Business

Takara has been marketing this unique “Pearl Pigment” originally produced by The Mearl Corporation, NY, USA, almost half a century. The production of the same quality products are now manufactured by the company, BASF, which we continue to market those unique products as a specialized specialist mainly for industrial applications.

Exotic Leather Business

We have been importing and marketing those exotic skins and leathers from South East Asian, South and North America, and African countries since 1970.


A general import agency business for wellness-related products that proposes a lifestyle in harmony with nature, mainly in Finland. We will introduce products from Scandinavia that we can offer from a variety of angles, including saunas, massages, spas, SDGs, and skin care.