Low expiratory flow impedance 
Unique, comfortable 25mm mouthpiece (other sizes available) 
Tested and efficient at high flow rates 
Protects your test subject and your equipment 
Fully disposable for complete hygiene 
Vitalograph has taken the successful BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter) and developed a new, improved version ensuring complete confidence in this highly efficient disposable filter.

Static attraction technology allows even sub-micron sized microbes to be trapped. It now has a reduced effective dead-space of 65mL.

The unique square shape allows efficient use of this nanotechnology and expensive filter medium, resulting in less waste and therefore, a lower price to the end user.

Testing has shown that the unique new 25mm mouthpiece is much more comfortable for adults and children than other brands of respiratory test filters using a 30mm diameter mouthpiece.

Product information

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