Smartlock Seal

The Smartlock Seal is a fixed length seal manufactured from Polypropylene material.
Available 16cm and 27cm lengths, the design features a strong single lock point mechanism providing a positive audible 'click' and clear visual verification of locking.
It has strength, flexibility and durability, making the seal suitable for most applications.

Product information

ISO 17712Level I : Indicative Seal
(Non-suitable for C-TPAT)
Marking(Laser Marking or Hot Stamp)Customer ID, Numbers
Packing1,000 pieces per carton
carton size : 320mm x 270mm x 270mm (L x W x H)
Length16.0cm or 27.0cm
Weightabout 2.1kg per carton(16.0cm)
about 2.9kg per carton(27.0cm)