Defense connection securing system

Our partner "Peck & Hale" has engineered and manufactured a wide array of cargo securing systems and equipment for all branches of the United States Armed Forces and International Military Communities.

Product information

Chain, Web and Wire TiedownsVehicle, Ammo Hi-Shock Chain 
Aircraft - TD-1 Chain 
Flat Rack / Trailer - Web Lash 
LCAC - Hi-Shock Chain 
Custom Designs
Sockets and D-ringsSockets and D-rings for Vehicle
Aircraft Crossbar Type
Breech Base: Container (Raised and Flush) 
ISO: Container (Raised and Flush) 
D-Rings - Cloverleaf
Specialty Tiedowns and TwistlocksQuick Release Hook
Trailer Tiedown Kits 
Slings - Pallet / Lift 
Nets - Safety and Cargo 
ISO /connectors