Metallic Pearl series

Metallic Pearl series of BASF are gold, silver, bronze, copper and russet color. we have various product by these color.

Particle Size(μ)

【Gold color】
【Anatase type】
Mearlin Brass9222C6-48
Mearlin Majestic Gold 9222X6-48
Mearlin Card GoldBN0026-48
Mearlin Aztec Gold9363C6-50
Mearlin Brilliant Gold 9212G6-75
Mearlin Sparkle Gold 9212P10-110
【Rutile typ】
Mearlin Super Brass9232Z6-48
Mearlin Mayan Gold9233X6-48
Mearlin Sunset Gold9233XB6-48
【Silver/Black type】
Mearlin Card SilverBN0016-48
Black Olive90C0Z6-48
【Bronze type】
Mearlin Micro Bronze9250M2-24
Mearlin Super Bronze9250Z6-48
【Copper Type】
Mearlin Micro Copper9350M2-24
Mearlin Super Copper9350Z6-48
【Russet Type】
Mearlin Micro Russet9450M2-24
Mearlin Super Russet9450Z6-48